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The Caregiver Relief Fund is a social venture committed to caring for caregivers. The Caregiver Relief Fund provides resources, assistance and a voice to over 50 million Americans who are currently caregivers to the chronically ill, aged and disabled.


Caregivers are on the front lines of managing the new realities of a society that is living longer than at any point in history.  Caregivers are the unsung heroes of our society who help our seniors and elders navigate the overwhelming, complex and ever-changing landscape of legal, medical, mental and psychological complexities that come with old old age.  Yet, this national treasure of caregivers is burning out both financially and physically on an epidemic level.


There is a major crisis unfolding in America.  Our nation’s caregivers are being crushed by the overwhelming chronic duties and responsibilities of caring our growing aging population.  By the year 2020 there will be an estimated 70 million people over age 65, many requiring at-home care.  In our efforts to stretch the average lifespan past the century mark, we have completely failed to address the serious financial, physical, mental and emotional impacts that this old old age is having on those responsible for the well-being and care of our massive age wave, the caregivers.


We at the Caregiver Relief Fund believe that happy and healthy families start with a respected, balanced and healthy caregiver.   Join us and care for the caregivers.

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